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Shelli Brown - painting - original art - figurative artist - best interior design - modern art - abstract nudes- bathroom art-


A full time, self taught artist, Shelli Brown is truly living her dream.  Best known for her niche market of abstract nude pours and pop art Rony The Tiger, she really just loves to paint things for people. 


An LSU graduate with a degree in kinesiology, Shelli spent years studying the human body and how it moves and changes. Her figurative nude pours are inspired by the elegance, simplicity and power of the female form. Her medium of choice is very fluid and organic, branding her pieces as truly unique and instantly recognizable.


In Shelli’s words, “The female body in my humble opinion is God’s greatest creation. It should be respected and worshipped and celebrated. I feel so lucky and honored to make my living empowering and memorializing women through my art!” 


Shelli and her husband, Toby, live their lives together as full-time artists, spending their days creating, honing their crafts and playing with their son, Rivers. Whether it be be painting or playing music together, they are raising their child to appreciate the lighter, beautiful side of life. 

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